Party Tips

Here are some tips to help make your Pink Bun Party the best it can be.

  • Party packs and planning ahead
    1. Register your Pink Bun Party and BCNA will send you a free party pack to decorate your event. Please note: Your party pack does not include Pink Fun Buns, you will need to purchase the Pink Fun Buns from your local Bakers Delight.
    2. Send out your invites.
    3. Promote your event using your Save the Date Pink Bun Party Poster. Promote your event on your social media and encourage your guests to support BCNA through sharing your fundraising page
    4. Pre-order your Pink Fun Buns (a few days out from your event) through your local Bakers Delight bakery. Click here to find your local Bakers Delight.
    5. Click here to purchase Fun Bun Friends and other BCNA merchandise to pink up your party!
    6. Host your Pink Bun Party with your friends, family or colleagues.
    7. Post your photos using the hashtag #PinkBunsForBCNA.

  • Online fundraising

    When you register your Pink Bun Party, you will receive a unique link to your fundraising page. Share this link with everyone you know via email or social media. This is a great way for people to take part in your party if they are unable to attend.

  • Add something extra on the day

    Here are some great ways to have fun with your guests on the day while raising awareness of BCNA:

    • ​purchase your BCNA merchandise to pink-up your party
    • a live/online raffle
    • ​a gold coin donation
    • ​guess the amount of lollies in the jar
    • invite a guest speaker or share one of the campaign videos (available from 11 May)

    Encourage your guests to wear a touch of pink and be sure to hashtag #PinkBunsForBCNA

  • Post photos on social

    Take happy snaps at your Pink Bun Party and post them on social media. This will spread the word – everyone loves a party! Hashtag #PinkBunsForBCNA

  • Pay your funds

    The easiest and quickest way to pay your funds is directly on your fundraising page. If you would like another way to pay your funds, please contact BCNA who will be happy to assist: